Happy Christmas 2013

Happy Christmas and a Joyful New Year

Following on from last year's video Xmas card. We thought we'd do a new cheesy twist on the idea. So welcome to our living room Christmas tree. (it's the shockwave file below I hope you can view it)

We invite you to click on my xmas baubles and see some excerpts from our year.

As usual, the money which would have been spent on cards and stamps has been donated to the Dublin Simon Community http://www.dubsimon.ie

The shockwave file may take 30secs to load... and if you are using an iPad you'll be waiting a lot longer because shockwave files aren't supported. You can see our twinkling tree  by clicking here.

Jon and Jo

And a key to some of the photos:
  • Fire conference in North Carolina
  • Walking in a lake district blizzard
  • If there are bikes or whiskey barrels involved then its our cycle tour around the west coast of Scotland (Islay, Jura, Kintyre Peninsula).
  • Jo's pin cushion craft
  • Walking in Connemara (Ireland's west coast)
  • Walking in the Sheefry's (Ireland's west coast)
  • In the lakes with the lads (Stephen, Rog, Larv and Stephen's caravan)
  • Czech friends visit (Tomas, Kamila & Beta). Their daughter is beautiful and likes sock monkeys.
  • Movember reflections
  • Camping outside Ballycastle and getting engrossed by a sleeping bag
  • A caterpillar on All Saints Bog
  • 4 days sports climbing in Margalef, Spain